Jimmy and I are pretty offense

Also, I am alive, and I keep thinking of posting more here. Probably the ADHD meds... yeah, DIAGNOSIS LAWL

Anyway, funny chatlog, ha ha, your mom.

Jimmy: (9:29:15 AM) Mr Nueve: The No Doubt reunion is this year!
(9:31:11 AM) squirrelpn: I am certain a bunch of girls who got pregnant in high school but killed the fetuses inside them with crystal meth are thrilled
Jimmy: shared because this is easily among the 5 meanest things I have ever said
Jimmy: http://io9.com/5142953/watchmens-axis-of-evil-has-a-dangerous-package
Jimmy: he Nazi is that a dick in your tights or are you no seriously wear looser pants
Jimmy: hey*
The Contino: Hahahahaha
The Contino: GOD
The Contino: Hmm
Jimmy: ?
The Contino: From the bottom of the pics page there
The Contino: "Check out Nite Owl's snow gear"
Jimmy: ah
The Contino: GODAMMIT
Jimmy: I didn't bother to look at that
Jimmy: I assume it looks like everything in the comic like everything else does
The Contino: Ozymandias is one of the pics there, I think
The Contino: And I do not like that guy's face
Jimmy: who is playing Ozymandias anyway
The Contino: He looks like he sorta recently escaped from one of the Nazi Dick's camps
The Contino: /shrug
Jimmy: yeah I have no idea who is playing anyone
The Contino: It's better that way
Jimmy: it will be a bunch of nobodies who can't act
Jimmy: like 300
Jimmy: they will just scream a lot
Jimmy: and suck
Jimmy: and be kind of funny but not as funny as everyone says
Jimmy: Starring
Patrick Wilson
Jackie Earle Haley
Malin Akerman
Billy Crudup
Matthew Goode
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Jimmy: yeah a bunch of nobodies and Billy Crudup who might as well be a nobody
The Contino: Starring NPH, who will be playing ALL ROLES
Jimmy: NPH should play every role in every movie
Jimmy: Haley "almost went nuts" trying to reconcile his understanding of complex human behavior with Rorschach's moral absolutism, stating the character made him wonder if people generally just make excuses for their bad actions.
Jimmy: well I hate this guy
The Contino: lol
The Contino: /facepalm
Jimmy: I am my own villain
Jimmy: also grandpa
Jimmy: I am an evil Ray Stevens song
The Contino: lol
The Contino: You should avoid being run down by reindeer
Jimmy: evil reindeer
Jimmy: oh man they filmed the Dollar Bill scene
Jimmy: that is like the best part of all of Watchmen but it's only like a blurb
The Contino: Refresh my memory
Jimmy: Dollar Bill was one of the Watchmen and he was like backed by a bank
Jimmy: and they gave him a cape and it got stuck in a revolving door so some robber just walked up to him and shot him
Jimmy: like I think this is mentioned in Nite Owl I's biography
The Contino: Oh fuckfuckfuckfuck
The Contino: I remember that
The Contino: http://flickr.com/photos/94177846@N00/3240660842/
Jimmy: Herko love Lois Lane, hate civil engineers
The Contino: Oh civil engineers
The Contino: Saddened by people not following their projected traffic flows, and ignoring the nice park benches they spread around
The Contino: My heart goes out to them
The Contino: And their truly valueless problems
Jimmy: lol
Jimmy: I may come over tonight if you aren't working but I am also waiting for Andrew to get back to me about getting food since I haven't seen him in a while because he has become even more of a flake than usual
Jimmy: which puts him in the running for largest flake of all time
The Contino: Ugh
The Contino: Too bad, Andrew is a not-unenjoyable-to-hang-out-with duder
The Contino: It is a pity he is more reclusive than I am
Jimmy: and he is busy with homework he hasn't done
The Contino: Well, me too
The Contino: But my priorities are terrible, so that almost never comes up
The Contino: lulz
Jimmy: lol
Jimmy: so I may come over tonight if you aren't working and there is somewhere to actually park around campus
The Contino: Parking is better
The Contino: People coming and going has ground down the snow
The Contino: A final assault is possible
Jimmy: yeah I figured
The Contino: A final.... solution?
Jimmy: lol
Jimmy: damn Jew snow
Jimmy: lolol
Jimmy: I will probably try and make an attack on the snow around 8, maybe a little earlier
The Contino: Take mustard gas
The Contino: It's delicious
The Contino: Great on toast, and Kurds
Jimmy: so I have heard
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Does, uhh, anybody out there happen to be the person I loaned my DS copy of Feel the Magic XX/YY to?

It would be nice if I could have that back.

Securom is obviously a tool manifested from the fetid dung of our Dark Lord Satan

The text, in full, of my letter to Securom regarding their shitty software and it fucking up my enjoyment of Dawn of War Soulstorm. I have been anticipating this game from the moment they announced it, I have a paid-for copy in my hand, I have installed it, and it won't fucking start.

Punishing the people that pay for things. What a business model. I hope all their coders get herpes of the retina and claw their eyes out in some maddened frenzy and then, and only then, do they suddenly and mystically realize that their whole career is based on being the third biggest cockholster in all of computerdom, rivaled only by AT&T and Comcast.

Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you forever. God fucking dammit.

"So, I go out and I buy this game and I try to play it and your software fucks it all to pieces, if you'll pardon my overly-succinct analysis of your product.  I am further endeared by the idea that I actually paid actual money for the actual software, and instead of being able to enjoy it I am instead punished.

So, I'm thinking that you've erroneously detected my RAID array as a virtual drive.  Good job.

Any assistance would be appreciated, as would the summary immolation of your headquarters and business model.

Thanks in advance,
John Contino

P.S. - The analysis log, nicely encrypted to stop me from figuring out the problem myself or make sure no more information than needed is given, is in a self-extracting archive in case you aren't allowed to use WinRAR.  See?

P.P.S. - I realize that some underling has to read all this, but you work for the company which means you haven't burned the place to the ground yet which means you should be ashamed of yourself.

P.P.P.S. - I give it even money that before I get a reply to fix this, I can find a working no-CD patch.  Of course, that means I could have just downloaded it anyway.  Which makes the initial paying of money all the more insulting to my situation.  I feel, as the consumer, that this is worth further contemplation. "
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Holy fuck, progress

I get my license back today...

I started college again this week...

I've had a job for a month or so now, after over a year without...

... what the hell? I used to be perfectly disreputable.

Shadowrun, -or- How to Foment Drama Among Dorks

So tonight Nick and I had to start shit with our Shadowrun GM, Jake, and while I feel it needed said I'm sitting here now mulling it over in my head and regretting it. Granted, Jake ran us through two days of hoops and then tried to get us killed twice because we didn't do shit the way he wanted us to do it. Matt said he was just below some other 'railroad tycoon' he knew in expecting you to do a campaign on-rails, which made me chuckle.

But at one point, Jake assumed we were all quitting, and Ben remarked to Jessica on his way up and her way down the stairs that on the way home, he expected me to bitch the whole way home about Jake.

Neither of those facts really leaves me with a great taste in my mouth.

Granted, as soon as Jake left Nick and I agreed we had to say what we'd said. Three and change hours running around with zero positive leads and seemingly every action having a heinous and non-trivial, possibly fatal reaction is no way for starting characters to get the hang of things. And Nick brought up that if this didn't improve, we could always start our own game.

But a guy assumed that a bump in the road meant we were bailing, and the guy who currently wears the de facto mantle of my best friend assumes that because I take issue with a playstyle I'm going to spend a twenty minute car trip back moaning about it. I'd like to think I'm more interesting than that. And it's not like Jake's first try with GM'ing didn't go so horribly we had to start a secret game without him.

Fuck it, maybe I don't regret it. But I'm still left with a sour taste from the whole affair. The social aspect of getting together and gaming seems to be way more dramatic when it's pen and paper and chatting instead of pixels and shit-talking.
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